17 Menu Items You Should Avoid In The Restaurants


You’re going to pay if you eat caloric bombshells and mounds of mystery ingredients filled with grease. Skip eating these to avoid bypass surgery.



1. Popcorn from the Movie Theater

Movie theater popcorn has a price too high even if it is sinful. A small bag of popcorn can remove the function of your arteries and your arm or leg.

2. Slurpees from Convenience Store

These sugar bombs are hiding a secret hell even if they taste like heaven. The liquid inside the machine has to go through moldy metal.

3. Chili from Wendy’s

The cup of chili meat from Wendy’s is full of leftover meat that fried on the grill. They warm it up and throw it in a cup of sauce.

4. The Mc Cafe of McDonald’s

McDonald’s staff members are not trained well in handling the complex machinery that they neglect the cleaning duties. Every beverage is full of uncleaned sludge.

5. Beans from Taco Bell

These beans come from a rehydrated mix that congeals into hair gel consistency over time. Just imagine if a mouthful of that goes into your stomach.

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