25 Actors Who Played Dumb Characters But Are Actually Genius


While you might have enjoyed the dumb and foolish characters that your favorite actors play on screen, it is a crime to believe that they would be equally dumb in real life, too. Here are some of the really intelligent actors who portrayed silly and dumb characters only to entertain you.




1.Rowan Atkinson

Our very own Mr. Bean tops the list, for obvious reasons. While we enjoy his silly & childish character, it would surprise us to know that Mr. Atkinson is well qualified. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and an MSc degree from Newcastle University and The Queens College respectively.

2. Sacha Baron Cohen

Right from playing the Barot to Bano, Sacha is known for playing a whole list of dumb characters. However, in reality, not many know that he graduated with upper-class honors from the prestigious Oxford University. He studied history and was an exceptionally bright student.

3. Ken Jeong

We know him as the funny Leslie Chow in the Hangover series of movies. His character is that of an incredibly silly guy with a touch of madness to him. However, in real life, he is far from it. He is a doctor by profession. He used to practice his medical profession during the day and act during the night. However, as he started to get many offers, he became a full-time actor.

4. Dolph Lundgren

Known to play a muscle monster (not a bright one at that!) in his movies, Lundgren, is definitely more intelligent than his insane roles in movies. The huge mass of muscles that you see on the big screen is a person who has done his Masters in Chemical Engineering. Due to his high grades, he also got a full scholarship at the prestigious MIT; however, he didn’t opt for it.

5. Anna Faris

Known for her performance in The Scary Movie, Anna was always cast in roles where women didn’t have to use much of their sense. In her real life, she is far different from the non-thinking roles that she plays. She is an English literature graduate from the Washington University and is well-respected for her humor and wit.

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