30 World War II Reality That Will Leave You Mum


The Second World War created a lot of damage to many of the countries in the world including the US, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Vietnam and the like. Some of the countries are still reeling from the impact created from this notorious incident. Here, we have collated 30 facts with pictures that will let you know the intensity of the war.




1.Sick prisoners

Close to 41000 American soldiers were caught by the Japanese and the Germans during the Second World War. The prisoners were made to stay in conditions that were pathetic. These prisoners toiled hard day and night without proper food & water. This is the reason why they look very dehydrated and sick in this disturbing picture.

2. Death of Russian soldiers

The siege of Leningrad is considered to be one of the most horrific incidents of the War. The US and British Armies jointly conducted this siege, which lasted for around two years. This resulted in the death of hundreds of Russian soldiers, who dead bodies are seen in this visual.

3. Hiroo Onoda

Onoda’s case has to be one of the most bizarre incidents that happened during the Second World War. The former Intelligence Officer from the Japanese Army missed receiving the memo about the completion of the war. Due to that, he stayed put in the Philippines even three decades after the war until a commanding officer traveled all the way to relieve him of his duty.

4. Soldiers of Korean Origin

When the US soldiers captured Normandy and brought the German soldiers under their custody, it was found that these soldiers weren’t German, but Korean! Countries like Russia, Japan, and Germany, forced them to fight for different sides, as per their convenience.

5. Who was more notorious

While we do know that both Stalin and Hitler were notorious rulers, here is a piece of shocking information for you.  Stalin was ruder than Hitler. As per the record, while Hitler killed 12 million people, Stalin is believed to have killed around 25millin during the Second World War.

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