50 Final Photos: What Happens Next Is Insane and Horrifying


Life is unpredictable; we never know when misfortunes may strike us and snatch our lives away. The photos listed here emphasize the meaning and value of life. Some people are happily looking at the camera without knowing that they would be gone seconds, minutes or hours later. These photos and the stories behind them are quite horrifying, indeed!




1. Selfie before the crash

Dutch teenager Gary Slok is seen here, happily taking a selfie with his mother Petra minutes before the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines MH17 took off and was never found again. It was only after many months that the remnants of the aircraft were found in the middle of the waters in the corner of the world.

2. Aggressive boyfriend

Friends who received this photo from their female friend, were shocked when they knew that her boyfriend (seen here with a gun), shot her minutes after she sent the snapchat picture. Little would the girl have realized that it would be her final photo!

3. Social media suicide

In a shocking post on social media during 2013, Mexican woman, Gabriela Hernandez committed suicide by hanging herself in her home.Her tear-smeared face speaks about the hurt and depression that she was going through after breaking up with her boyfriend.

4. Final look into the cameras

Dave Hally set off with his wife and four-year old daughter on a dream vacation on the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight, MH17. Hally took a lovely photo of his wife and daughter, looking into the cameras happily. Little did he know that it was the final moments before all three of them would perish in the crash!

5. Why did he do that?

Robert Gilbin, a soldier in the Canadian Army, is seen her cuddling up to his pregnant wife. He posted this beautiful picture on Facebook and captioned it as “Happiness Is.” However, we are not sure what came over him, because minutes later he stabbed her and pushed her to death from the balcony of their home before he jumped off as well.

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