Top 50 Exposed Secrets From The World of Disney


We all love visiting the Disney World; however, how many of know that there are some secrets about this place? For the uninitiated, here is a list of these secrets that you should be aware of:



1. The code language

Every place has its own flaws. And so does the dreamland of the Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The phrase “Have a Disney day” sounds so pleasant to hear but ironically when you hear this in the sets of Disney World it means you angered the person who said those words to you. The hidden meaning of the phrase goes like this “screw you”!

2. The Disney business

Who doesn’t wish to be meticulous? Well, Disney World seems like the place where you can live your dream life, but sadly it’s not. When you are working in the Disney World you are not allowed to let your hair loose, cannot have any part of your body inked and the saddest thing is your nail color should be neutral. The costume you wear should be very clean.

3. Just the Disney way

When you work at Disney World, you will never be addressed as an employee rather you will be called a cast member. It is just the Disney way to treat everything as a show and make even work as light as possible.

4. The backstage

When a person enters an area of the park where he was not supposed to visit the cast members refer to them as going backstage. Let’s accept the fact that we know that from the 3rd secret to everything “magical,” all the events are just a show here.

5. For the greater good

The floors of the Animal Kingdom are said to be several feet deep. Many think it’s because of Florida’s iconic sinkhole but the Disney world says that the sunken area gives a healthy and pleasant environment for both the animals and guests.

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